I love beautiful women and I love webcams. The two together are a match made in heaven. It started as a curiosity. I just had to see what this webcam thing was all about. So I bought one and started to investigate and to my surprise there were hot chicks from all over the world getting naked on their webcams! Now back when this all started you could find them for free and they would put on quite a show. I could not believe what I was seeing! You can still find them for free today but most of them charge money to view them. Hey a girl has got to make a living and I believe as a guy, it is up to us to help support their cause.

Over the years I have seen many, many of these webcams so I started to keep a diary of sorts. ( Hey my teachers always said I should take notes and I had some that were super hot! So I listened.)
I started to keep track of the good ones, the real good ones and the ones that make you speechless and rate them and put them in my little black webcam book. It holds the secrets to all things great in this world! HOT CHICKS, BIG BOOBS and most important where to find them!

Recently I started a blog and have been busy putting the contents of my little black webcam book into it and publishing it for the whole world to see! The response has been pretty good and other guys are starting to see the light and beauty that was unknown to them. Some have even been brave enough to leave comments on the blog further solidifing my best kept secrets.

Hell it’s like a candy store, with the sweetest most beautiful candy in the world except this candy will not give you cavities, oh know it will do much more. So if you are brave and interested in my blog then by all means idulge yourself!